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The Management of St.Alphonsa Convent School is a team of South Indian Teachers headed by Mr.Jijoe Augustian, who has more than 17 years of experience in the field of education and administration. Education is a light that shows the mankind the right direction to surge. The purpose of education is not just making a child literate. Education adds rationality to ones thinking, makes one knowledgeable and self sufficient. If education fails to inculcate self-discipline and commitment to achieve in the minds of children, it is not their fault. The school the teachers and parents are responsible for not giving the child quality education. Indeed, the quality of ones life stems from the quality of education one gets in the childhood. In an intensely competitive world today, there is an urgent need to start as early as possible and make children ready for the world of future. Even today is late. We believe in an early start. It’s the right time to lay the first step for your child’s bright future. The school aims at the integral development of the personality of the students to fulfill a noble role in life. Hence the intellectual, cultural, physical, psychological and moral advancement receives the utmost care from the initial stages of the academic career. We ensure a quality environment in which a professional team of highly skilled academicians provide a broad based educational experience which acknowledges both the need of Society and the potential of the child to contribute according to his/her own strengths and interests.

We contemplate:

i) Compilation of knowledge and skills moral, spiritual, intellectual, cultural and physical enjoyment through active involvement with the process of learning.

ii) An understanding of the values of personal achievement through hard work, intellectual, initiative and goal setting.

iii) Qualities of personal responsibility, consideration, courtesy, tolerance and respect in their relationships with one another, their teachers and the wider community.

iv) The self confidence to face new challenges, to express points of view and to be independent in thoughts and action.

v) Qualities which will enable them to become informed and contributing citizens to future society within the frame work of equal opportunities.



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6, Model Town, Sito Road, Abohar, Punjab, India.

Ph: +91-1634225815,  Mob: +91- 9417330333, +91- 9988077057

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