• We aim to preserve and enhance the highest standards of excellence and prepare the students to lead the 21st century.
  • Students are equipped to access the best opportunities of growth and advancement by being prepared linguistically and culturally . The concept of ‘enlightened citizens who can face the real  world’ is  the backdrop of all our endeavors.
  • Students are carefully sensitized to environmental concerns, the feelings of nationalism, communal harmony and religious tolerance.

* We persistently strive to create an atmosphere of safety, harmony, and cordiality where youngsters interact, share and adapt themselves to varied backgrounds.

*We envision a school environment to help students achieve their potential, offer guidance, hone their leadership skills and foster in students the confidence to explore  new range of interests, ultimately contributing positively to the societies they live in. 

*An enthusiastic  body of faculty including classes from visiting IITians (Shiorn Jijoe IIT Mandi, Shaan Jijoe IIT Patna) ensure that excellence is promoted in all aspects of school life along with special emphasis on life skills and lifelong learning, in order to prepare students for life beyond school.

*Through a combination of dedication, understanding and appreciation, we encourage our students to aim high and achieve their goals, in keeping with our motto Wisdom, Love  & Leadership.


·         We instill in them the moral values of love , kindness and generosity and ultimately encourage our students to Reach Out & Reach Beyond.


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Near Jaishree Estate, 1.5 k.m from  Sito Bye-Pass Junction, Sito Road,Abohar, Punjab, India.

  Mob: +91- 9417330333, +91- 9988077057

mail : sacsabohar@gmail.com, jijoe@ymail.com

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